Until Then
Written & Produced by Xolisa

you touched my heart
just the other day
& i
i never got the chance to say
a couple thangs that's on my mind
through the in & out
so i thought i'd let you know
what i was thinkin' bout
it's simple
i wanna fly
to higher areas of fly
& if you wanna come
then we can sail 
the highest of the highs
i wanna-a-a
i wanna go
& if you wanna-come-too
just let me know

& in the absence
of a flying mechanism 
no stress
we'll take the wings that's wrapped around my neck
& up, up
& steal away
into a day
into another lovely lifetime
of a minute
time holds no limits
not even the sky could hold us
& i'm hoping that you keep your sights ahead
cuz it's a
long way
& there's no room to turn your head
no lookin' back
no rearview mirrors on this ride
everything you need to know
lays right before 
your eyes

a vision 
vividly perceiving
all that's really true
lengthened sights
set up on heights
that heavens never knew
& i choose you
we'll set our compass 
for the skies
until the end 
of desert cries
& if you wonder why you ride
it's right in front of you
i feel it
can't you feel it too?
& if you wonder why i love
it's cuz i see the God in you...

your quiet eyes
they dig into a deeper part of mine
forever & a day
it ain't a time
now until whatever comes to mind
forever & for always
yeah, we'll fly
until the ocean waters are confined
until the days
they stop proceeding night
until the very end
of this ticking time
(yo sail away, steal away)

steal away into the sunny days of june
rainy days of spring
whatever play we get
we'll bring your heart
is nonchalant 
a perfect canvas of painted pictures
of pure reality
i see
right through
your hidden doors of hope
run through
& truth 
will find
its way

to you...

until then.