Re-introducing the conventions of Hip Hop, as if it’s her duty to preserve them, Toronto-based emcee and producer, XOLISA, (pronounced “Koh-LEE-Sah”) exudes an essence reminiscent of Hip Hop icons, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Nas.

Xolisa has dedicated her career to crafting a sound and executing a lyrical delivery that is technical, yet fluid; Boom Bap, yet futuristic; Abstract, yet all the while familiar as she continues to unapologetically spread her messages of self- love, resilience, political awareness and spirituality.

The Trinidadian-Canadian emcee has independently undertaken her first international tour in support of her debut, full-length, self-produced album, “And Gaps Do Lead To Bridges” (June 1, 2016), where over the span of a year (July 2016 – July 2017), Xolisa has taken over stages within Australia, Canada, the U.S.A and the Caribbean, delivering a jolting message on civil rights and her faith in humanity- moving the masses one city at a time!

Connect with Xolisa:

For Booking and Media Inquiries: management@xolisamusic.com
(Attn: Jemelle Williams)

Xolisa Highlights

  • Two self-produced EPs: Rhyme Until My Spirit Needs No Words To Fly (November 2014) and A Beautiful Mind (December 2013)
  • A 2015 Black Canadian Awards nomination for “Artist On the Rise”
  • A “Rising Artist” feature from Urbanology, Canada’s leading urban culture publication/website
  • "Free Fall", written and produced by Xolisa, featured in the short film, "Guard Your Peace", by screenwriter/director, Felicia Guy-Lynch
  • Xolisa has performed with: Young Paris (Congo/New York), Denitia and Scene (Brooklyn) and Nitty Scott MC (New York), Melanie Durrant and Frankie Payne (Toronto)
  • She has performed locally, nationally and internationally in: Toronto (The Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Yonge- Dundas Square, Lee's Palace, Revival and The Harbourfront Centre – West Jet Stage); Melbourne, Australia (Bar Oussou, Grumpy's, and The Horse Bazaar); New York (Tsion Cafe and The Paperbox); Windsor (Phog Lounge); Ottawa (Origin Studio)
  • Recognition and airplay at influential campus, online and commercial radio from DJs in Canada, Europe and the United States,  including Toronto DJ Mel Boogie who says Xolisa is, "One to Watch in the City"
  • A G98.7FM (Toronto) “Great Canadian Sound Clash” winner in 2015 on the, 100%CDN show
  • A feature performance at Manifesto’s (Toronto) 9th annual Hip Hop and community festival (2015)
  • Xolisa is a part of Canada's Music Incubator’s roster of artist entrepreneurs.


"Xolisa is a spectacle to watch and listen to. A very good example of an artist dedicated to her craft"
- John Samuels, Omit Limitation

"You have to see, hear and feel Xolisa to really know her...there's something spiritual about her
- Jordan Veira, Spoke N' Heard

"In a league of her own, Xolisa is one to look out for in T.DOT Hip Hop - A smooth voice and rhyme scheme like no other female in the Toronto circuit sets Xolisa a part from your everyday, "ABC" rapper, not just female but artists in general. She breaks down gender barriers and changes the perception of what is "expected" from the ladies of Hip Hop in 2015"
- Desean Jackson, YYZ Hilightz

"She's been making some waves as One to Watch in the city, especially with the releases of a video for her recent single, THE FALLEN
- DJ Mel Boogie, DJ

"Xolisa is a people’s performer. It’s like an organic vibe because she always makes you feel like you’re sitting down in her living room...And she loves to come engage with you and people that listen to her, that vibe to her, even if it’s the first time listening to her"
- Jemelle Williams, Urban Evolution Enterprise




All Music Written & Produced by Xolisa

"And Gaps Do Lead To Bridges" (Album) Release Date: June 1st, 2016

"And Gaps Do Lead To Bridges" (Album)
Release Date: June 1st, 2016

"Rhyme Until My Spirit Needs No Words To Fly" (EP) Release Date: November 29th, 2014

"Rhyme Until My Spirit Needs No Words To Fly" (EP)
Release Date: November 29th, 2014

"A Beautiful Mind" (EP) Release Date: December 4th, 2013

"A Beautiful Mind" (EP)
Release Date: December 4th, 2013

press releases

"Here" Music Video - (PDF | Word)

"Here" Single - (PDF | Word)

"And Gaps Do Lead To Bridges" Album - (PDF | Word)

"The Fallen" Music Video - (PDF | Word)

"The Fallen" Single - (PDF | Word)

Xolisa Biography - (PDF | Word)

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