A Beautiful Mind
Written & Produced by Xolisa

[Malcolm X]

rest for my mind
peace for my heart for starters
a part from parting waters
I am on a climb below the clouds
on an exodus to lead myself
out of the grip of my own borders
leaving pharaoh’s pyramid’s behind
I am tryna find a place
past divine 
& past these plastered walls I’m passing ancient scrawls
& reading the scars upon my skin
hieroglyphs that tell a tale across my surface
speak an internal story past verses of glory
I often call upon the ones before me

rest for my soul
peace to my pride
my ego
my despises
& all my disguises
& all the revises
i’ve grown to hone my humble & hide 
my ugly truths & lovely lies
however you wanna describe it
many faces coincide in this here temple
i am the fundamental woman of dope music
i found a mic & built a foundation on its surface
to watch it stand the test of time
& I will
rhyme until my spirit needs no words to fly
until the sounds of colours no longer haunt my mind

[From the top of your head]

re-define & re-defy, revise your shit
read the lines & see the words behind - rewind take it back I

[to the souls of your feet]

take it back I
re-read the lines 
& would refine 
nothing at all

[From the top of your head, to the souls of your feet] x 3

i am the fuckin truth
this page is mine
i read the lines
& would refine nothing at all

rest for my past
peace to my brown skin
& my black skin
& my nappy head
every curl a testament of strength
rooted in the bloodlines that fill my veins in song
voices of my moms
peace to moments gone
& I’ll move on 
with the harmonies of my fore-fathers


listen to the sound of my presence
take a ride up on it
take some time away from time, go on an’
I take a step away from my controlling 
& my strong holds &
broken moments gone, moments gained
pain invades 
& dawn has shown me empty spaces
that i’ve filled with empty shapes
& hopes of whole
& holy grails that hold & mould my holes i’ve gained
hoarded pain i’ve chosen ways in vain to sabotage my shit 
but love reflects
love neglects all 
that neglects love
i’d rather forget love
& let it remember me
let it slip into my conscious watch 
connect the lines that I’ve wanted whole for so long but fought it
compose the symphonies i’ve started on this path
you are here now

take a step into my world
my full circle
my revolution 
my circus
my ambience


take a step 
it’s obvious you wanna ride
I said, I can take you higher
step into my world
where orchestrated waves 
paint the space
between the notes & sounds
over the breaks, here let me mend you
assonances over instrumentals that I tend to
no accidentals
welcome to my level mental

the calmest waters have the deepest depths
the stillest moments carry the least rest for the troubled 
rest for my trials 
& peace to miles of travelled roads i’ll never walk again
pain rides the darkest hour 
like slender thighs
on either side of him…

This page is mine
I read the lines & would refine nothin’ at all

[who taught you to hate yourself?
from the top of your head
to the souls of your feet
you should ask yourself
who taught you?
to hate
what God 
made you…

to the souls of your feet]